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ADHD Stories

  • "‚ÄčOur son used to get in trouble and be very emotional in school every day! We were worried he wouldn't be able to go to school. Since chiropractic, his emotional outbursts are better and he listens sooo much better."
  • "Dr Andy changed my son's behavior. HE LISTENS way more now than he did before. When we change our plans and he doesn't get what he wants his tantrums last much less time. Where was Dr Andy with my other kids!"
  • "Caleb was quiet and shy and stumbled on making his thoughts into sentences. After care at Radiant Life he has opened up so much he almost never stops talking now. Though he sometimes gets going too fast he is able to stop himself and more clearly say things. He even volunteered to be a reader in front of the class! Something he would NEVER have done before! It's so nice to see him open up like this."


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Andy is amazing. His treatment has caused dramatic improvements in my speech delayed 2 year old and my autistic 3.5 year old. We are 3 months into treatment and they are completely different kids."
    L.A Galbraith
  • "Dr. Andy and his staff are so gifted and thoughtful in their approach to pediatric chiropractic care. It is so evident that each of them feels this is their true calling and they genuinely care for the health of each client they treat. I would highly recommend this team and I am so thankful they were able to work with my children!"
    A. Kruse