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  • Easy! 3 game changing steps to conquer helplessness when you have a child with Sensory Processing Disorder.
    If you're feeling overwhelmed and helpless about a child that keeps waking up at night. Or has sensory processing struggles. Or poor impulse control. Or digestive issues. Or persistent ear infections. Follow these 3 game changing steps to conquer the helplessness that comes from parenting a child with sensory processing, digestive issues or immune system struggles. Read more
  • Why is it that some kids are always, ALWAYS sick?
    There’s a favorite story we like to tell ourselves. You’ll recognize it. It’s the one about how our life should turn out. The one where our children are always gloriously happy, never sick, fantastically obedient and we never have to have customer service declare a Code Adam to shut down the store and find our child. You know, the one... Read more
  • Natural Ways To Break Up Congestion And What’s Causing It In The First Place
    You finally got their yucky, runny nose cleared up day before yesterday. You prefer to go the natural route but...perhaps you took them to the doc this time. They just couldn’t stop coughing and that nose wouldn’t quit. They weren’t sleeping well. They’d ended up with a fever and you worried they would just get worse and worse. And today, lo and behold, your little one is stuffy again. Read more
  • 7 Common Myths About Autism
    What is autism? Autism is a “spectrum disorder” that stems from a biological condition that affects the development of the brain.  In short, that means its characteristics vary significantly from person Read more
  • The Most Overlooked Key For Your Child To Have A Healthy Immune System
    So many times as parents we miss that one simple piece that changes the course of the health of our child’s immune system. It’s simple. It’s critical. It’s key. And too many’s overlooked. Read more
  • The Simple Truth About Sick Season
    No one knows your child like you. You know the small and simple changes in the tones of their every sound. You know the differences between a tired complaint, a gurgle of delight, the sound of pain, a squeal of glee, a burst of frustration, a chuckle of joy and the whimper of illness. Read more
  • Your Little Social Butterfly
    Social Butterfly We all want our child to be a well behaved flourishing social butterfly. That is easier said than done. Your child, if not already, will be attending daycare, preschool, Read more
  • Why Won't My Child Sleep?!
    Why Doesn’t My Child Sleep?! Simple answers help us as parents truly understand what is going on inside of our child’s brain.  An inability to sleep happens when our child’s brain Read more
  • Why Kids Are Sensitive To Some Foods And The 5 Best Things To Do About It
    Imagine a scrape that begins healing and scabs over...then continually gets scraped again and again.  The same happens within the body when we continually eat irritating foods. Although there are over Read more
  • When Bad Is Good Or Truly Bad
    When Bad is Good (And Bad is Bad)..... Behavior Wise Ok. We all know there is good behavior and bad behavior. We all probably know about left brain and right brain.  So Read more
  • What's The Big Deal About Oxygen?
    From awareness comes choice.  From choice comes the opportunity of freedom, healing, proper development and peace.  We could talk to you until we’re blue in the face about your child’s brain development. Read more
  • What Is Otitis Media And How Do I Know If My Child Has It?
    Moms bring their children through our door for several reasons.  Chronic ear infections is one of them. Chronic - meaning continuous. Meaning just finishing up one and before you know it Read more
  • What Every Mom Needs To Know About the Digestive System And How We Help, Part 2
    You’ll remember from last week, we’re talking about the ability of the brain and the digestive system to work together...and what happens when they aren’t able to communicate well with Read more
  • What Every Mom Needs To Know About the Digestive System And How We Help, Part 1
    The digestive system is regulated and controlled by the brain.  When you think about it, the brain must have correct information to perform properly.  It only has the info it’s given Read more
  • What Drives Anxiety
    What Drives Anxiety? Your life flashes before your eyes.  You feel your heart beat out of control.  Immediately your mind goes to a state of fear that you aren’t going to Read more
  • What Do I Do With My Picky Eater???
    When Picky Eating is really Problem Feeding Mealtime should be an enjoyable time for families to bond and nourish their bodies.  Unfortunately, if you have a child who is a picky Read more


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Andy is amazing. His treatment has caused dramatic improvements in my speech delayed 2 year old and my autistic 3.5 year old. We are 3 months into treatment and they are completely different kids."
    L.A Galbraith
  • "Dr. Andy and his staff are so gifted and thoughtful in their approach to pediatric chiropractic care. It is so evident that each of them feels this is their true calling and they genuinely care for the health of each client they treat. I would highly recommend this team and I am so thankful they were able to work with my children!"
    A. Kruse